The choices we make

Right now I’m working on a big update that will require some time, but I promise it’ll make the game better.

From the last update you can see the addition of attributes into the mix, but it does not currently effect the gameplay in what so ever way. And this is what I’m working on, to make those actually matter.

The way it works is quite simple. If you have this much moral (for example) this option will open up. If not, it just simply won’t. This will make sure that you play the game few more times in order to get the other routes and options available. Not only that, but your choices will change your attributes along the way. Example is deciding not to join a mission will drastically drop your brave level, so, choose wisely.

As you can tell, this is not an easy task and it will get some time to finish, but I’m trying my best to get it out as soon as possible while making sure you enjoy it :)

Hello everyone

Welcome to my blog guys. Basically I will utilize this place to write about my games progress so far, about my life and bits and pieces from here and there.

Lately I’ve been working with Zombie Chronicles 2, but more focus is given to ZC: camp days. It’s not an easy project and I don’t want to release a half done or washed out game :)

So, what did I do so far? hmmm, this is a map of the main camp that I’ve been working on. Not finalized though.

How would it work? The main building is the mission base (or something of sorts), the tent  hospital will give few side missions (might make it as an optional building though) and the store is that small place in the bottom left. You can buy stuff and place them where ever you want in the camp. Simple eh?

Still not sure of what items to include cause it’s not like you are going to add cosmetic stuff to a survival camp. So most things must be meaningful and add something to the survivors.

Oh, the hud is not included of course cause it’s generated real time in the game and this is not a capture from a phone. Plus you won’t see a full view of the map like so, it’ll be a smaller, scrollable screen :)

Looking forward for feedback and thoughts on this and I’ll try to keep updating here (and the games) as much as possible.